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JoeJoomla Web Design
& Training Services in
Guelph, Kitchener,
Waterloo and Cambridge

Website solutions for serious business
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JoeJoomla Web Design & Training Services
in Guelph, Kitchener,
Waterloo and Cambridge

Website solutions for serious business
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JoeJoomla Web Design & Training Services
in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge

Website solutions for serious business
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Websites by JoeJoomla

At JoeJoomla we are motivated by a desire to create great looking websites that are easy to use and produce results for the people and companies we work with. We specialize in Joomla which many web professionals agree is the number one open source content management website system available today.

We're good listeners. We hear what you have to say and use our experience to provide solutions for the things you want to achieve. Let's work together and do some great things!



We've been building Joomla websites since 2005. During that time we've also been deeply involved with the Joomla project. JoeJoomla has been an integral part of the Joomla open source community by serving on the board of directors for the project leadership. You can see Joe’s volunteer profile here

We've shared our knowledge and experience with the community at large all over the word at both large and small events. We do this because we are passionate. We are in his for you. Our reward comes from doing a great job for you.


We are highly creative but not at the expense of your brand. Some designers just want to create pretty looking websites but that’s not us. The awards we have won for our websites are not just because they look good, it is because the whole package, purpose and tactics made sense for the client. We approach the creative process with your goals in mind.

We create great looking websites that are easy to use and bring you business. Isn’t that what you are looking for?



You’ll enjoy working with us. We are fun and easy to get along with. We have experience from the simplest of projects to large, complex and customized solutions.


We specialize in Joomla! It’s open source software free from expensive licensing. Why spend your dollars just for the privilege of using the software? Wouldn't you rather be investing your money into branding and content?


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Five Reasons
For JoeJoomla
Web Hosting

Five Reasons For JoeJoomla Web Hosting


ONE:Joomla! Only

We know Joomla! and it's the only platform we support. We don't try to be master of everything, just one thing.

We're connected closely to the Joomla! community and all our friends are Joomla! professionals. If there's ever a problem we know how to find a solution. We look out for you.

Optimized Servers Only

TWO:Joomla! Optimized

We only host Joomla! websites. Other hosting services want everything and anything. We're not after quantity, we are into this for quality.

Our Joomla! optimized hosting platform is custom-built to power quick-loading Joomla! sites. Our server technology is state-of-the-art and we want your Joomla! site to be fast! Since Joomla! is the only CMS we work with, we're able to fine tune all of our equipment specifically for Joomla!

Website monitoring

THREE:Website Monitoring

We monitor critical files for unexpected changes like hacking attempts or unauthorized changes to your site.

Your website is scanned every three hours for file changes. When changes to those files are detected we are alerted by email.

Automatic updates

FOUR:Automatic Updates

When updates to Joomla! or any of your Joomla! 2.5 and up extensions are available we can do the updates for you. You can also choose to do them yourself from the backend updater in your Joomla! website.

Managed backups

FIVE:Managed Backups

We save your work and can restore your site. We automatically backup your Joomla! site files once every 24 hours and your database twice every 24 hours. We keep these backups for 14 days. What this means is, if your site breaks, we can restore it for you as part of our standard hosting package.

Our backup service is powered by the Continued Data Protection (CDP) Enterprise Backup Software offered by R1Soft, the most trusted name in the backup industry. We also offer a backup tool within your Joomla! site that allows you to manually backup your work anytime you want.

Joomla Training

Joomla Training

Joomla Training Services

Joomla training by JoeJoomla

Joomla Training by JoeJoomla

  • Have you’ve inherited a Joomla CMS website and it’s unfamiliar to you?
  • Is the company website part of your job responsibilities along with all the other things you have to deal with in a new position?
  • Has the original design firm who set up and maintained your website gone and are no longer available?

Don’t struggle, get Joomla training!

We’ll teach you Joomla best practices so you get the most out of your website. Joomla is a powerful application framework that can incorporate sophisticated add-ons to extend it’s power into virtually unlimited directions. You never need to be painted into a corner.


What's different about JoeJoomla Joomla training?

We customize your Joomla training to your specific environment. Generic training often covers things you may never need or want to do. Some things you may simply want to leave to the experts so why spend time on them?

Joomla training by JoeJoomla is customized to your specific website workflow. Prior to setting up training sessions we will determine what you really want to know in order to become productive in your job.

We offer on site or live video conference training

We structure the training to suit you best. Not everyone learns the same way. Do you do better with in person sessions or do you just need to see how something is done? Sessions can be live at your office or online by remote video conferencing.

Flexible schedules

Convenient schedules suitable for everyone involved. Whether it’s training for one person or a group of people the sessions can be organized into time slots suitable for everyone. Full or half day sessions for groups or even scheduled 2 hour sessions as needed.

Would you like a record of your training for future reference?

Your online training sessions can be recorded and made available for your personal video library. It’s great to be able to review the training at your leisure.

Ongoing support

After your training you can receive ongoing support for your website from JoeJoomla. We offer web hosting packages to take care of some of the ongoing maintenance for your Joomla website. Check out our 5 Reasons for JoeJoomla Web Hosting and JoeJoomla Web Hosting Packages.

How much does it cost?

We offer convenient package prices for full and half day training sessions. Block time purchases are also available for online sessions.


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Everyone has an opinion.
Here's mine. What's yours?

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Everyone has an opinion. Here's mine. What's yours?

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